Gallery Opening

There was an opening event at the Loft Gallery on Friday evening which was very well attended indeed – the building was crammed with folk from both Burray and the Hope who had come to see the exhibition entitled “Through The Eyes O’ Wur Bairns,” which showcases the work of the children of both the Hope and Burray School, centred on their WW1 project.

Its open until the 2nd week of December and entry is free.

gallery3 gallery2 gallery1


Welcome back and welcome to some new staff

Welcome back for the first term of a new year!

Hopefully everyone has had a proper holiday and will come back rested and ready to learn. Donald and Michelle have done a terrific job of giving the school a deep clean and putting everything back in time for the children’s arrival.

The end of term recruitment process has also now been completed and has resulted in some changes…

  • Mrs Peace moves from 2 to 4 days a week and becomes the main teacher for the P5-7 class. Her room has already been thoroughly rearranged and she is very keen to get started.
  • Mrs Wood moves from 3 to 4 days a week and takes over as our new Support for Learning Teacher. She has also been in school for a lot of the holidays moving her new room around and making preparations for the new term. Mrs Wood will also be teaching P5-7 for one day a week, (Fridays) and spending a morning a week at Burray to cover Support for Learning there.
  • Mrs Morag Ewing starts as our new Art teacher from 20th August and has spent a considerable amount of time in school already familiarising herself with resources and equipment.
  • Mrs Ingrid Norquoy begins work as our new “Tooth Fairy” and tooth brushing will commence as soon as possible!

So, with some new staff arriving and additional time at school from some of those we already have – it should be a great year for learning at the Hope!

Eco Committee Makes Plans For Summer

All sorts of Eco Action is already under way this term including

  • The litter picking rota is up and running (courtesy of Isla and Sophie),
  • Harry, Isla and Campbell are ready to lead the school assembly tomorrow.
  • Pip and Thorfinn are choosing to campaign with the Marine Conservation Society to encourage banning skylanterns and outdoor helium balloon releases.
  • Andy, Emmeline, James and Alistair finished suggestion boxes then took them round the classes.

Visit the Eco Committee page and click on the link to the blog for more information.


Spanish Lessons Begin at the Hope

A big welcome to Fiona Lawtie who has joined us this week. The Government is keen that all primary schools in Scotland should offer children the chance to experience two languages before moving on to secondary school. While the Hope has offered French for some time, we have been looking for another language for children to experience.

Now Fiona will be in school, working alongside the teachers and giving everyone from P1 upwards a chance to experience the Spanish language every Friday. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed for Spanish related work and activities!

spanish teacher

News Blog

The Nursery is now open all day!

For the duration of this term, the Hope Nursery will be open for two sessions daily. This step was necessary to meet the increasing demand on space due to the school’s rising roll and has already been well received by children, parents and staff who report that the smaller groups are working well. With the temperatures rising and the wind dropping as we come into spring, it looks like the prospect of a wonderful summer for our younger pupils!

outdoor play nursery

“Making a plane” in the Nursery today – a group learning journey involving construction, cooperation and maths skills (and all outside in the sun.)