News and Updates

Children In Need 2021
Well done to all the pupils from Nursery to P7 for raising a whopping £143.33 for Children in Need last Friday. The School was a sea of yellow and spots! Well done again, and thank you all for your generosity!

Lots of happy faces wearing something yellow and/or spotty!

Rugby has returned!
All 3 classes are extremely lucky to be receiving some rugby training with a local coach. Rugby happens on a Wednesday and will continue for the next 2 weeks. Please ensure your child is prepared with a P.E kit.
Mrs McNamee and her class were caught outside in the rain, but she did manage to get this photo of a double rainbow over the school!

Halloween Party 2021
The P4-7’s had a mini Halloween party this term, just to celebrate all things spooky. We played games, made human mummies and danced away to spooky music. It was a scarily super afternoon!

Certificates of Achievement – 27th October 2021
P1/2/3 – Freddie – for listening to feedback in his writing, and writing an excellent spooky story.
P4/5 – Nea -for being extremely helpful and helping clean and organise the classroom.
P6/7 – Glenn – for dedicating all his time and effort to his writing this week, and creative an excellent set of instructions.

Football Changes
There has been a change to the dates and times for Club Football. Please see the updated times on the Hope Parent Council Facebook page, or under the School Clubs heading here at the website.

Certificates of Achievement – 6th October 2021

P1/2/3 – The whole of P1/2/3 for their engagement and enthusiasm towards their First Aid training.
P4/5 – The whole of P4/5 for a brilliant start to the new academic year, and for being to welcoming to new members of class and staff.
P6/7 – The whole of P6/7 for being able to work together as part of a team and for much improvement in their sportsmanship.

Maths Week Scotland 2021

P6/7 have been extremely busy this past week with lots of different tasks to celebrate Maths Week Scotland 2021. Check out the images below to see just some of the things we got up to!

Target practice to help with mental addition
Target practice to help with mental addition.
Target practice to help with mental addition.
We created a maze and needed to guide partners through using compass positions.
We created a maze and needed to guide partners through using compass positions.
Using information provided we needed to create a timetable for a busy manager.
We planned a holiday to somewhere in Scotland for a budget of £600.
We create curve art using only straight lines!
We create curves using only straight lines!

Certificates of Achievement – 24/09/2021

P1/2/3 – Cara – for giving 100% to every piece of work she completes

P4/5 – Ben – for

P6/7 – Carrie – for insisting that she spent her class money towards a whole class activity, rather than something for just herself.

Outdoor Education

I’m so sorry for the wait everyone! The video for the Outdoor Education can now be found by following the link below.

Certificates of Achievement – 15th September 2021

P1/2/3 – Josephine – for taking on advice given by an adult and for being helpful.

P4/5 – Billy – for a much improved attitude towards school work

P6/7 – Thorfinn – for his constant commitment to mathematics work.

Certificates of Achievement – 29/03/2019

Congratulations to the our latest recipients of these certificates.

Nea Slater – for super writing during activity time as well as during writing time

Jan Mescerjakov– for being an excellent pupil during his time at our school. We wish you luck Jan!

Robbie Peace – for sensible and enthusiastic helping both with younger children and with tidying up various areas of the school

Andy Norquay– for organising a fantastic Tuck Shop to raise funds for the school trips

Emily Brooks– for organising a fantastic Tuck Shop to raise funds for the school trips

Mrs Rorie- for perpetual patience and pastoral good sense in all her dealings with pupils and staff alike!

Certificates of Achievement

Congratulations to the our latest recipients of these certificates.

Murdo Inkster – for putting maximum effort into his work and  working hard for Mr Simpson

Hannah Rendall– for consistently working hard, learning from mistakes and having a great attitude

Libby Lindsay – for always being conscientious about work and increasing her independence about what to do next

Oliver Wilson– for trying hard to include the word of the day in his writing

Liam McArthur Visit

Liam McAuthur, our local MSP, came to read to us on Monday 11th March. He certainly is a great reader!

Certificates of Achievement

Congratulations to the our latest recipients of these certificates.

Kacie Steeple – for having consistently fantastic manners. Kacie also always tries her best

Oscar Sinclair – for working hard in class and focusing when working independently

Abbey Moar – for remaining in character as ‘Where’s Wally’ throughout a hot seat session and keeping us all entertained

Charlie Scott– for seeing things that need to be done around the classroom and doing them without being asked.

Certificates of Achievement

Congratulations to the our latest recipients of these certificates.

Dylan McEwen – for the effort he has put into his maths this week. He also makes all the staff smile daily!

Thorfinn Wishart – for working hard to improve his handwriting

Jamie Smith – for consistently being calm, considerate and kind in his approach to all members of the community

Emily Harris– for working very hard to help her group plan a persuasive piece of writing

John Rae

Shortly before Christmas, P3/4 went to visit the Hall of Clestrain, John Rae’s childhood home. They’ve been teaching me about this amazing Orcadian and famous arctic explorer since then. I am delighted to announce that Mathilde Pesci and Caitlin Murray have designed a flag that has been chosen to join a recreation of John Rae’s most famous journey later this year. For more information on the expedition, click here. Below is the winning design chosen by the expedition leader himself, David Reid. Well done girls!

Aspiring Journalists!

Congratulations to Mae and Erin for writing this excellent piece in the Peedie Orcadian. Please do continue to send in your eco-bricks to help with this project. It’s a great way to reuse plastic.

Certificates of Achievement 

Congratulations to the first four winners of our achievement  certificates.

Ben Thomson – for trying hard with the presentation of his work

William Scott – for excellent manners and a great attitude

Charleigh Nicholson – for enthusiasm, commitment and determination in mastering this week’s fraction work

Mae Garrett – for always being a genuinely helpful member of the class

Burns Supper 2019

Our Burns Supper was a magnificent evening. The P7 boys pictured below read their poems beautifully. We also had amazing fiddles and energetic dancers. Thank you to all who came, especially to those who helped make it a terrific night.

Hope in the snow January 2019

Message from the Head Teacher

I would like to thank the children, the staff and the entire school community for their warm and friendly welcome. It’s terrific to be here at last and I look forward to working with you all.

Steve Arnold