Adverse Weather

Emergency Closures

Unexpected/Severe Weather Closures and Transport DisruptionAs you will be aware there can be a number of winter days where the weather causes disruption to the schools and school transport. It is important to ensure that the school has your up to date contact details in order to inform you during the day of any closures. Information on school closures and transport disruption can be obtained as follows:

Early morning

  • An OIC School Transport Facebook page is available. This will be your first stop for information on school closures and transport changes. Also look at :
  • The School Twitter feed is updated as soon as information is available. This can be as early as 6.30am – follow us at
  • The new OIC Twitter feed for the barriers can be found at
  • School closure information is passed to BBC Radio Orkney and broadcast on the programme at 7.30am (93.7 FM). Radio Orkney will be notified if there is disruption to transport and/or school closures. However detailed information on specific routes will not be provided.
  • Information on school closures and transport disruption is also provided on the  OIC answer phone (01856 873535)

Note: In bad weather conditions it is very difficult to obtain individual route information to advise parents whether the school bus on their route is running that morning, as this will depend on the local weather and road conditions. We therefore are only able to advise whether there will be disruptions to school transport in general. Parents are best placed to know the road conditions in their area and this will guide their decision whether to send their child out for school transport and how long they wait.


Throughout the school day:

Schools will contact parents if the school is closing or transport is running early.

Local media, Radio Orkney and The Orcadian, will also be notified of any disruption during the day.

It is important that parents ensure their details, and emergency contact details, are always up to date.

Orkney Islands Council issue a winter newsletter each year which provides all the above information and some guidelines for you yo follow. This newsletter can be found on the Council website –